HERBIE pillows contain all-natural herbs of medicinal quality that have been carefully selected for each mixture. Every ingredient is picked, dried, and diligently sorted and we strictly abstain from using perfumes or strong fragrances. All our herbs undergo rigorous testing to make sure they are free from pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances. This ensures that the therapeutic benefits and natural remedies of the herbs are left undisturbed to deliver premium quality to our customers. 

We use rich, soft and ecologically sustainable linen of the highest quality. HERBIE pillows offer our customers a more natural and comfortable sleep, and creates a soothing space for those practicing self-care. The unique blend of herbs offers a chance to switch off, decompress, and return to the present moment. You can feel at ease the moment it arrives at your door. HERBIE makes for a thoughtful, soothing and luxurious gift for a family member or loved one, for any occasion.