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The Feel Better HERBIE is the ideal choice for preventing and fighting off illness. It will soothe your mind, relieve your airways and reduce pain and discomfort.

The Sleep Well HERBIE is designed to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. Pick this HERBIE if you are looking for a natural sleep aid or if you want to relieve nervousness and tension.

The Good Mood HERBIE is your everyday companion in our stressful modern world. Its floral scent alleviates stress and takes you right to the present moment. It also is a great companion during meditation or you can simply put in on your work desk for a better mood.

Where is HERBIE manufactured?

We only offer pillows of the finest quality and we value good labor conditions and fair pay. Therefore, the rich, soft and ecologically sustainable linen used for a HERBIE is manufactured in Italy and sewn and assembled in Austria, guaranteeing additional quality-control. This is how we can offer you a luxury item that lasts.

Can I wash my HERBIE?

Do not wash the inlet containing the carefully selected herb mixture. However, you can wash the HERBIE cover on a gentle cycle at 40°C. As it is made of 100% Italian linen at a very high quality, it gets better with every wash.  Do not, however, bleach or tumble dry. And there's no need to use any fabric softener either.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, you can order a HERBIE no matter where you live – we offer worldwide delivery.

Is HERBIE vegan?

Yes, all our products are vegan. What’s more, we place a premium on social and ecological sustainability. This is why HERBIE is handmade in Austria. Our ecologically sustainable linen is manufactured in Italy and our herbs are sourced from Austria. What’s more, they have medicinal quality and undergo rigorous testing to make sure they are free from pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

What if I suffer from allergies?

Our HERBIEs only contain high-quality herbs with medicinal quality. Strict testing for pesticides, heavy metals or harmful substances is carried out. However, if you suffer from allergies, in particular if you're allergic to herbs, pollen, or if you have hay fever, we do not recommend using a HERBIE.